Summer Makeup 🌞

Hi everybody,

For this blog post I’ve decided to put together some of the best summer makeup looks. If you want to have a look at some easy looks that don’t require too much hassle here are a few I’ve put together.

For my first look I decided that I would create a bright, yet natural look that will be perfect for everyday and holidays. All you need is bright red lips and winged eyeliner on white and brown eyeshadow.


For the next look I chose to have a light brown/gold eyeshadow. This is a very natural eye makeup look and if you want little hassle when creating a makeup look, then this would be good for you. Combining it with light pink lips, completes a summer makeup look.


For the next makeup look I decided to create an evening look, that would be perfect for going out and give a smokey eye effect. For this I used black eyeshadow, black gel eyeliner and black eyeshadow pencil with deep red lips.


For the final look for summer I created a purple and blue eye look, so that your eyes look bright and vibrant. This look makes your eyes pop and combined with a nude lip colour, brings attention to your eyes making them stand out.


Hope this has helped to give you some more makeup ideas for summer!!!

Stay awesome πŸ˜‰

Fashion Fox


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