Step by step eyeliner

Hi everybody,

This friday I’ve decided to do a step by step on eyeliner, since it can be difficult to do sometimes and every girl out there knows the struggle of trying to get eyeliner looking the best.

I will try to help out and show you my tips on how to get your eyeliner looking great!!

Now when I do my eyeliner I do tend to use a variety of makeup products, such as liquid liner, gel liner and pencil liner. I’m going to show how to use each to create a pretty eyeliner look that can be used for any occasion.

The first eyeliner I’m going to use is liquid, I do like using this as sometimes it can be easy to put on or it can get messy. The liquid liner I have been using is Rimmel London glam eyes professional liner. It has been very easy to use and gives a nice solid, black line around my eyes.
What I tend to do first with liquid is draw a line from the end of my eyelid, now you can use the thin brush that comes with the different liquid eyeliners or you can use an eyeliner brush. I used the little brush that comes with the liquid liner.

After drawing the line I then drew another line back towards my eyelid, creating a triangle shape. This technique is good of you prefer drawing winged eyeliner free hand.

The next liner I used is the gel eyeliner by Maybelline New York and is the lasting drama for up to 24 hours eyeliner. This comes with a cute 2 in 1 brush that lines and smudges. This is really good and does last for quite a long time with a thick black line.

Again I drew my winged eyeliner using the same techniques as before. I sometimes find using concealer to neater up the edges around the liner and gives it a sharper shape.

The final liner I love using is the Estèe Lauder double wear pencil liner. This is is also a 2 in 1 with two colours on one pencil. The onyx black colour is great for an evening look and the coffee colour is perfect for a light everyday liner. This again is another great product as it gives a great definition to eyes.

When creating this look I decided to tape for the pencil liner, to help give it a sharp flick and define the liner. This is a different technique that you can apply to any of your liners, but I think it works best with pencil.


Hope this has been some help when applying your eyeliner, as well as seeing what different products I have used.

Stay awesome!!!

Fashion Fox 😉


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