Bare Minerals Contouring

Hi everyone,

So in this blog I have decided to do a face contouring with the Bare Minerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette.

I hope you agree and that I’m not the only one, but I find contouring really difficult. Mainly because if you get the shades wrong it looks like you’ve just wiped bad fake tan all over your skin. And that just does not look good at all, especially in summer!!

However I have decided to have a go and see if I can do this and maybe this will also help you too.

I really love the Bare Minerals kit, it comes in a cute case that you can take pretty much anywhere with you and inside are some neat little brushes that are soft on your skin. When I got this kit I went for the lightest tones one, as my skin is really light and anything else would just look a little orange(not a good look!) But they did have many other tones available which is really handy too.

The kit comes with a foundation, touch up veil, bronzer, luminizer and a concealer. I thought this was pretty good considering buying each product would get expensive. There is also a little booklet that comes with the kit to help you if your a bit of a novice(like me), which is really helpful.


Now this is the fun part, completely changing how you look without makeup on. I start by priming my face with the Maybelline New York Baby Skin instant pore eraser primer and when combined with the kit makes it look like you have little or even no pores.

I will then use Rimmel London Match Perfection Light Porcelain liquid foundation as a base before I use the kit and I also use a beauty blender to apply the foundation.

Now when applying the Bare Minerals kit I begin with the foundation and I use the little brushes provided as they are really useful. This foundation helped to smooth my face over and set the luquid foundation in place.


I then applied the next layer which was the Touch Up Veil, this also helps to keep all the foundation in place and adds a little colour so that my face isn’t as light, but without looking orange.


From there I then began to add bronzer to my cheekbones, this is to help shape and contour my face. I also created a large three shape from the side of my forehead to my cheeks and then just under my jawline. I also apply bronzer on the side of my nose to make it appear smaller and add shading.


After using this I then highlight just slightly above where I applied the bronzer and then just underneath between my cheekbone and my jaw. I also highlight the top of my nose, cupid bow and the middle of my chin. I also add the luminizer in the middle of my forehead.


Finally I apply concealer under my eyes and above just to make them appear brighter and then if there are any other areas on my face that need blending out.


Here is the finished result, I also added some eyeliner just so that I have something more round my eyes. Also so that you can see what it would look like together.


Here is also some extra contouring templates to help you guys out.


Hope this helped in contouring and that my contouring wasn’t so bad. Let me know what you think in the comments and please like and share.

Stay awesome!!!
Fashion Fox 😉


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