Red Eyeshadow!!!

Hi everybody,

For this post I wanted to do a step by step for red eyeshadow. This eyeshadow shade would be perfect for going out or even prom, with the right dress!!

For this design I looked at many different styles and then with the colours I have, I created this look.

Now before every look I prep my eye using the maybelline Baby Skin primer and follow that with foundation and concealer. I use the Bare Minerals lightest concealer and Rimmel London ivory foundation.

On to the fun part, when creating this look I decided to use the most natural colour that would be a base for the eyeshadow. I chose an off white, browny colour but anything similar will do.

From there you want to now add the red, which will help when blending and adding in darker shades. I decided to use a red lip crayon by Colour Institute. This is because I didn’t have any bright enough reds, but you can use whatever reds you have to create this look.


You want to create a think red line that will go just above the crease on your eye and then underneath on your lower lash line. Don’t worry if it’s too much red you will be blending it out which will soften the colour.

Now you will want to take a slightly darker red and blend that into the crease and above, as well as taking a little bit underneath the eye. You’ll want to blend it well and make sure to blend out the other red with it. I used a fluffy brush for this as it blends the best.

After this I now add deeper reds/purples to create a smokey red effect. I decided to blend in two different colours to make it darker. I kept the same brush which was firm and fluffy when combining the two colours. I then blended them in the corner of my eye and slightly bringing it across.

After muh blending and adding a few layers of colour, I then moved onto adding a golden center to my eye. This will really make the eyeshadow stand out and will blend well together. I really like this colour as it is so glittery!!

Now after adding the gold eyeshadow and blending it with the rest of the colours, I will now add a much lighter eyeshadow toward the inner part of the eye.

After adding the silvery eyeshadow, I now add my black eyeliner as one of the finishing touches. I use gel eyeliner in Noir Black by Maybelline. Just add a simple flick to the edge of the eye and line all around the top and the water line. You’ll want the line to be quite thick but not covering too much of your eye, so that you can still see the eyeshadow.

Then just add mascara and if you want false eyelashes, there you have it a dramatic red and gold eyeshadow look!!


Perfect for going out or maybe you want to experiment yourself with different colours, if it’s your prom here’s a good idea to get an eye catching eyeshadow!!!

Hope you liked this idea and give it a go yourself. You don’t have to use the same products, anything that is similar will work too!!! Leave a comment if you want to see something else and let me know what you think or if you have tried it yourself.

Stay awesome!!!!! 😉
Fashion Fox


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