Spring Blogging

Hi everyone,

I realise it has been a really long time since my last blog and I apologise for it being so long. The reason it’s been so long is because I had no idea what to write and I’ve had so much college work.

But I’m back! Now for ages I have been looking at the different techniques on how to apply makeup, as well as what type of makeup is best for applying. I have found that there are so many techniques, from using tape to get makeup even, to using special brushes that will get your look spot on.

Now everybody is different with these types of techniques, some will work and others, well not so much. When I looked at these techniques I wanted the easiest and simplest way to do them. I am going to share this with you all and hopefully you’ll find it easier too.

My first lot of techniques are going to be for eye makeup, but there will be more for face and if you have any suggestions on what you might like to see comment below or if you like or don’t like just let me know.

Now with every technique I have found that priming your face it definitely what you must do for the best looks and it does help protect your skin. The primer I use is by Maybelline New York and is called Baby Skin, which is an instant pore eraser but is a good lightweight primer that makes you skin smooth.


I apply only a small amount on my eyelid and around my eye to make it appear smoother. My makeup will also go on nicely as well.


I then apply concealer on and around my eye, which is by Bare Minerals and is part of their Ready to go kit. This is really good as it is a palette of all the key makeup, such as foundation, bronzer and concealer. I only use a little concealer as too much will make my eye heavy my makeup won’t blend as well.


Now onto the eyeshadow part, I love doing this and experimenting with colours. I’m going to do a simple smokey eye look that will be natural and more for day makeup. Now the palette I’m using is by LaRoc and is the beginners collection, which has 120 natural eyeshadow tones.

I bought this off amazon along with the brushes I’m going to be using. I found that these are amazing to use and I really do think they are worth checking out.

Now I am going to apply the first layer, with a medium soze brush. You don’t want the brush to be too big or too small and then from there you want a light colour. I’m using a very light brown which is a little glittery, but you can use a matte light brown as well.


Next I’m going to take a smaller brush and just above my eyelid I’m going to apply a darker shade. For this im using a matte brown colour, as this will be better for creating a dark line, which we can then blend. You also want to take the brush and move it from the outer corner to roughly three quaters. So not too close to the inner corner of your eye. This creates a brown line that can then be blended.

You will want to take a fluffy brush now and blend the line down towards your eyelid, but not too much. Just lightly and also you’ll want your eye to stand out more by doing this. If you feel that maybe its too light now, simply go back over the eye using the smaller brush and same brown colour and very lightly apply the colour to the same place.

Now from there you want to add a very dark brown, which can be matte or glittery depending on what you want it to look like. I’m going to be using a glittery, dark brown that is darker than before. I am also going to use a slightly bigger brush than before, but not as big as the first brush I used.

I will then apply the shade to the outer corner of my eye and move towards the inner corner but leave space for the lighter shade so that you can see the change in colour. I will also use the fluffy brush again to blend the colours together and give a smokey effect.

For extra effect I will also use the same dark, glittery brown and underline the eye using this colour.

Also I’m going to use a brown eyeliner pencil to keep the makeup looking natural. I use the Double Wear eye pencil by Estēe Lauder, which is really good.


Now you could stop here and apply mascara, but I am going to apply a little wing to finish off the look. Now I am going to use Maybelline New York, Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in Noir Black. I really love this eyeliner as it is really easy to use and is great for defining your look. This also comes with a 2 in 1 brush, which means you can smudge as well as create your wing.


Now I will also do a step by step for how to do wing eyeliner soon. But for now I will give a brief idea of my winged eyeliner. Now after drawing on a wing, if you wanted, add mascara after curling your eyelashes. The mascara I use is by Estēe Lauder and is Sumptuous Extreme mascara. This is great for making your eye lashes appear bigger and longer.


There you have it a smokey eye look!!
Hope this was easy for you to follow and please let me know if you liked it or not and leave a comment for a look you would like me to do.

Stay Awesome!!! 😉


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