Step by Step Makeup

Hi everyone,

For this blog post I decided to put together all the tutorials I like the best and that I have found. So if you want some great ideas for some eye makeup here are just a few ideas.


This is a golden brown/red eyeshadow with step by step images. I love colours and think they are perfect for going out.


This is a really nice purple eyeshadow that would be great for a Christmas look.


This is a more summery look, but would still look great to wear when going out.


This look is definitely perfect for the colder weather and gives a red glow around the eyes.


This is a great blue eyeshadow that looks great for the winter season.


This eyeshadow is brighter and more vibrant and I would definitely experiment with the colours.


This is a paler colour but still looks great! This would work as an everyday look and if you want to go out in.


I also love this look as it is simple but still very pretty. This would be perfect for everyday and would definitely brighten your eyes.

I hope you liked these step by step pictures, I really love these different looks and think there amazing. You should definitely try them out, I know I will be. Stay awesome!!!

Fashion Fox ;p


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