Story writing

Hi everyone,

This blog post I’m making slightly different as I didn’t want to make my blog completely about makeup, but you can still see my makeup on my instagram @fashionfoxxcx

As I said this blog is going to be different as I wanted to talk about my story writing that I do. I kinda started it as a hobby and then found out I really love to write and it is really fun.  I started it while I was at high school and got into creating stories that wasn’t out there, but had a similar idea just different storyline.

I do my writing on Wattpad and it is great for writing stories, but also seeing other people’s work and seeing what they write. It’s crazy how many people love to write and you can find a lot of them on Wattpad. The story I wanted to share though is my story that is doing really well right now and it’s called Elements.


I have to say I’m pretty proud of this so far, but it does need to be finished. This is my brief summary and there is no spoilers;

“What would you do if you knew you were going to die? For Evelyn she needed to keep secret what she could do, especially from her father and sister. After all they were the ones to ban anything strange and magical. With little time left for her, Evelyn needs to pick her loyalty to the human world or the magical one.”

I really do love how this book is turning out and I will be trying to finish it so that is is finally completed. If you want to have a look at the website here is the link:


You will need to sign up but it’s quick and easy to do and of course free. You can also comment and vote on other people’s stories and even make your own. If you want to check out my work my username is @firefoxxcx and you can read Elements for yourself!

Hope you liked this blog post and remember to stay awesome!!!!!

Fashion Fox ;p


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