Review of my best makeup

Hi everyone,

In this blog post I wanted to do a review of my best makeup that I like to use ranging from foundation to lipstick. This is so you can see what I like to use and you can see if you maybe want to try out some of the products yourself.

So for my first product that I think is the best is my Rimmel London Match Perfection liquid foundation. This particular brand I really love as it gives 24 hour moisture hydration and a pore blurring effect which does create a smooth skin look. I think this is a really great product to buy and I’m a very pale skinned so I chose the light porcelain skin tone.  It’s a great product and definitely worth having a look at!


My next product is face powder, now I tend to use loose powder as it does look good with the liquid foundation but it is up to you what you choose to use. The powder I use is PS…Love Loose Face Powder and this again is a very light skin tone colour. I tend to use this product to set the liquid foundation  on my face and to make the other products I use last longer. As you can tell I’ve nearly used all of it up I like it that much.


My next product is my concealer which is by the MakeUp Gallery and is their Hide and Chic natural coverage concealer.  I have this in Ivory 1 and it’s really good for blending around the eyes and gives them a brighter look. I use this product a lot as well especially if I’m in a rush.


My next product is my contouring kit, which comes with two colours to contour with. This is by Collection and is a highlight and sculpt kit. I really love this as it does create that amazing contoured look on your face as well as a sparkly highlight that does brighten your face. I don’t mind using glittery highlight as it does look good with my other products, but if your not a fan and only want to use the darker shade to contour,  it does work well as a great light eyeshadow.


The next product that I love to use is my eyeshadow palette, which is by Lula and Belle Cosmetics. Now I got this palette quite a while ago for Christmas and it has so many shades that I’ve still got some to use now! I really love this palette as this has so many colours to choose from and they do last a while.


My next product is my eyeliner which is another product by Rimmel London and is their Glam Eyes Professional liquid liner. I really love this as it gets my flick on point and lasts for a long time. It’s an amazing product and the best eyeliner liner I’ve used so far.


The next product is my mascara, which is another product by P.S.Love… This is a great mascara as it is Ultra Volumising and really does make your eyes look thicker and longer, almost giving that fake lash effect look, but with your own lashes.


My final product that I love using is my final product by P.S.Love… and is in the colour berry blitz. This is a great colour of lipstick especially for the fall season as it goes great with the red and yellow colours, as well as dark browns.


So these have been some of my products that I love to use and my review of them. If any of these sound like something you would like to use then go and check them out, I love using them and they do look great on!

Keep staying awesome!!!!!

Fashion Fox ;p


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