Experimenting with Eyeliner

Hi everyone,

For this blog post I wanted to do eyeliner as I absolutely love trying to do the different styles around my eyes. I do like doing the classic wing and many others love doing this too. So I thought for this post I’m going to show you my different eyeliner attempts!

So for my first attempt I thought I would show the classic wing many women like doing and I have to say it’s my favourite too. The type of eyeliner I use is a liquid but I do have pencil and have had gel liner before. I do like using liquid even though it can be messy, there are different options so you do have to play around with the different styles to find the right one for you.


I love how it just flicks at the end it really does make your eyes look longer.

My next attempt I decided to do my classic look, I like doing this as the flick is slightly thicker. It looks great as an everyday look and works well with all different eyeshadows.

I then tried a more feline look, the wing is sharper and the line is thinner around the eye making it a sharp smooth look. I would wear this for everyday or going out it does suit everything and I really love how good it looks.

I then tried a double wing and linked it with the previous line I had already done. I simply added a separate line from my lower lash line. This would be a good going out look but you could wear it whenever.

For this line I made it much more thicker and therefore adds drama to the eye. As well as that I made the line longer which is difficult to see in the picture but it is. This eyeliner looks great when going out, especially with browns or/and gold eyeshadow.

This is a more bolder, yet shorter winged eyeliner, but for this eye I decided to use my forest green eyeliner. On the picture it’s difficult to tell as it is a dark green, but it does look really good on. I wear this look sometimes everyday if I want a bolder eye.

For this eye I decided to experiment more and made a very thick, dramatic wing which definitely stands out. This look is very eye catching, but does use a lot of eyeliner. I have to say I wouldn’t personally wear this look a lot, but it would look pretty good with a fancy dress outfit.

This is my final eyeliner look and for this style I used blue glitter liquid eyeliner and it looks really cool on. I love wearing this as it’s really colourful and different. This would be great for going out and is really glittery.

So these are my different eyeliners that I tried out and as I said before I really do love experimenting with the different looks that you can create. It also depends on the eyeliner you want to use and how you apply it. I normally draw my liner by free hand, but you can use tape, templates and many more techniques you just have to find the best one for you.

This has been another of my posts, hope you like it and remember to stay awesome!!!

Fashion Fox ;p


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