Trick or Treat

Hi everyone,

Now I bet most of you will be excited for Halloween, which is tomorrow!! I enjoy this time of the year as the leaves are just falling of the trees and turning orange, yellow and red it’s amazing.  But of course I love Halloween whether it’s the trick or treating around neighbourhood, or going to Halloween parties or even staying at home and having your own mini party of eating sweet treats and  watching movies. I think all three are great!

There will also be some last minute buying for pumpkins, food, decorations and even costumes. I luckily finished getting my last pieces for my costume yesterday, but if your still looking sometimes little things can make a great outfit, especially fake blood.

Now in my previous blog I mentioned I would be going as a zombie Princess Peach so I have focused a lot on finding out the best zombie looking makeup that would be perfect. For my ideas I turned to pinterest as that has the most creative ideas for everyone.  I also know that I needed to make it look gory.


Here’s my gory hand makeup attempt.

There are some great tutorials on pinterest for scary makeup ideas. But here are some ideas I found that really let’s you play with makeup and are super easy to do if you want to only use makeup.






I found these ideas on pinterest so if you want more inspiration there are lots of cool ideas especially with makeup. I also attempted myself to create scratches since that would be on a zombie.


I love to experiment and Halloween is the best time and no matter what it can still look scary.

If you want to see my full outfit for Halloween check out my instagram @fashionfoxxcx and I will be posting my outfit and makeup.

I hope you all have a great Halloween and stay awesome!!

Fashion  Fox ;p

P.S. For all the Halloween faces I found them on pinterest, check them out.



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