DIY Halloween

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this post being later than my others, but I just had to make sure that I was going to have everything for what I was going to talk about.

Now I know that Halloween is in the up and coming week and so I though I’d share with you my DIY Halloween  costume that I will be using for a party this Halloween. So for this year I have decided to go as Princess Peach, but not just any Princess Peach as it is Halloween I’m going to become a zombie  version of the Princess.


Here’s an image of her.

Some Halloween costumes and fancy dress costumes can be pretty expensive especially this time of the year when everyone dresses up. So I decided to DIY my costume, I first of all got a dress from Boohoo that is in a similar style and colour to Princess Peach and is a very pretty dress that would be great even after Halloween.


This dress was fairly cheap as well for only £8 and free delivery. Perfect if you don’t want to spend loads, but still have a great outfit to go out in.

Now the key part to Princess Peach is her crown and I have decided to make my own using materials I have.

First of all I got some card, which is  I took from a pizza tray as it was the right size. I also drew out a paper template which I could use to draw around.

Next I drew out all the pieces of the crown so that I could get ready to paint them, making sure to follow my template. Now if you don’t want to draw a template my free hand it’s best to get one from the Internet that will help give the best measurements.

I cut out all the pieces and made sure they were all a similar size. The great thing with Princess Peach’s crown is that as it is made to be quite small on her head you don’t have to draw out a massive crown for yourself.

I painted each of the pieces with gold paint which I had already. If you don’t want to use gold paint golden shimmer spray paint will do the same job just make sure you do it away from people and in a ventilated room.

I decided to cut out oval shape that takes up most of the crown, I used blue and red shiny card as they make it look like jewels. I then glued on gems around the crown making it similar to her crown.

Finally glue all the separate pieces together so that they will hold each of the card firmly together.

There you have it, your very own Princess Peach crown.

This would be a great idea for any fancy dress party especially if you don’t want to spend much money on actually buying the crown. You just simply need to use materials you have and if you do need to go out and buy some items make sure they don’t cost much.

Now I also have Princess Peach makeup that I think will go with my outfit and will keep a pink theme as that’s what she does wear. This look will go best with my outfit as it is pink just like Princess Peach.

But of course I will alter the look slightly as I will be making myself more like a zombie. I’m saving that design for Halloween, but I will share the full outfit together on my instagram on Halloween so that you can see the completed look. So please check it out @fashionfoxxcx to see what I have done.

Again I’m sorry for the late post, I will try to upload on a weekly basis. Thank you for reading and stay awesome!!

Fashion Fox ;p



  1. hopecollishaw · October 26, 2015

    Don’t forget the gloves! 🙂

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