Fuller lips

Hi everyone,

I have been noticing that everybody recently have been changing their lips to look much more fuller and also making them appear ombre. Now I know Kylie Jenner is kinda the whole reason behind this and there is so many ways you can make your lips look fuller.


Kylie Jenner look

Kylie Jenner fuller lips and makeup.


This is my attempt in more neutral colours, the lighting not too great I can say though they didn’t turn out too bad and did look fuller. I followed a simple tips pin from pinterest to help me get started.


From pinterest.

I found this really useful and does help you to get fuller lips. I used my MaxFactor lip liner which is in the colour blush and Sally girl lipstick in the colour cuddle, that is in a pinky colour. It’s great for day makeup and once you know how to get fuller lips you can do it with any of your lip liners and lipsticks.

I also decided to experiment with other colours and designs including trying out ombre techniques.


I different colours of lipstick and this golden colour is so cool and very shiny, I wore it with my prom dress a few years ago and I still love it now. This colour is called Solid Gold and is from Nina Ultra Pro, they do some great lipsticks that really look amazing on.


I also tried this purple colour, which doesn’t look as deep on camera but does in person. This is great for the fall weather as it goes with the red eyeshadow. I also think that as it is coming up to Halloween would go create with a costume. This lipstick is by Estee Lauder and is called Wicked Wine.


This was my red lipstick which I think looks really bright and vibrant, I love this colour and is really shiny on. This lipstick is called Scarlet and is by P.S. Love… and is my favourite.

I also decided to experiment a little with a different red lipstick, this one is another by Nine Ultra Pro and is called Radiant Red. It is a stunning colour but I decided to give this a twist and added golden glitter to the bottom lip for a golden shine.


It shines a lot in the light and is great if you’re also experimenting like me and what something interesting to wear when you go out.


I did also experiment with an ombre look and attempted to make my lips a deep purple on the outside and a red on the inside.

I am also putting designs that you may want to try out that I have seen online. You should give it a go and take some stunning pictures with your experimental lip designs.


These images are from pinterest, if you want more designs that’s a great app for you to check out if you don’t already have it.

Hope you liked my lip designs and experimental lips, stay awesome!!

Fashion Fox ;p



  1. Fashionably Meek · October 16, 2015

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