Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Hi everyone,

So for this post I was gonna talk about shoes if you haven’t already guessed. Now I love my shoes so much I literally have loads that I have bought over the years, my shoes mean everything to me as theyjust complete my outfit for the day or if I’m going out at night. I just absolutely love them.

Now from my previous post you probably guessed I like boots and if you haven’t read that one please do, but I’ll say it again that I will wear my boots with any of my outfits as they just complete the look. However apart from boots I do wear pumps, converse trainers and high heels too.

As it is getting colder boots are more fashionable but also wearing woolly boots will keep your feet warmer too. As well as boots, trainers are also more suitable for the cooler weather if you don’t like wearing boots. Depending on what you are wearing will depend on the best shoes, I always found that over the ankle boots look great with skinny jeans the best, but wearing skirts with tights or a dress will also look good too. Somehow boots just seem to make your legs look longer and you are taller.


I love these as they look slightly like over the ankle cowboy boots and yet are still fashionable with whatever I wear.

Now if you prefer longer boots then these look great with some skinny jeans, but especially dresses such as turtle neck dresses that look wintry will definitely go with these boots.


These boots have killer heels and will look great with the wintry dresses and going out in, but not great for standing in for hours (I found that out), I do love them though.

My final type of boots are the ankle boots, but with these I made sure to get in an electric blue colour and I have to say they look the best for going out in. They are stylish and sophisticated and do work nicely with my skinny jeans.


I love these and they go great with my collection of electric blue items of clothing that I collect. They are amazing and very comfy to wear.

As you can see I do have a variety of shoes and that’s not even all of them. Whether your going out during the day or at night shoes are pretty key so you need to make sure they are comfy, but stylish with your outfit and you definitely need to wear them more than once (especially your best shoes).

Here are just some of my other shoes that I like wearing.




Hope this post was helpful and hope you liked my shoes for this blog. Keep reading and stay awesome!

Fashion Fox ;p



  1. Pastel Carousel · October 9, 2015

    Very cute shoes! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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