Fall Fashion

Hi everyone,

So this is my first blog and I always wanted to have a go at this, but I was never sure what to do it on. However I thought that as its getting colder I would do a blog on the fall fashion for girls since that summer sun is almost gone for good. So this is going to be my first post and I know that there’s lots of other people talking about similar things but I want to give you a different opinions and ideas on what to do with fashion, makeup and more.

Now I know that as its getting colder you want to feel warmer and more wrapped up and for me wearing jeans, a simple t-shirt, a jumper and some trainers or boots is the best option. But you can also go for skirts and dresses with thick tights and even coats or woolly cardigans, you can’t forget to add accessories like scarves or beanies either if you want extra warmth.

I like to wear my boots with most of my outfits since they just seem to suit the colder weather and will go with anything you have to wear (they really will) and my favourite pair of boots have to be my tan, lace up boots that just absolutely suit the fall/autumn weather.


I will wear these as much as possible since I think they look great with just about anything, I also love the woolly part towards the top as it just adds to the boots and the rest of what I wear.

I also want to show just some outfits that will look great and are cheap to buy if your looking for something for this time of the year. I think the best website for clothes is Boohoo.com as it has great clothes for great prices.



These are just some of the clothes on Boohoo and would be perfect for the cooler weather that is on the way and even the winter weather.

I hope my first blog has been helpful about fall fashion and I will try to post weekly about other tips!

From FashionFox ;p

P.s. If you want to check out Boohoo fashion here is the link for you!



  1. hopecollishaw · October 2, 2015

    nice first post! those shoes are AMAZING! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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